Reimagining the future schools experience

Our team collaborated with the world renown educator and author Sir Anthony Seldon and the leading educational Ai platform Century Technology to rethink school in its entirety for discussions with the UK Government Educational Policy Unit at No 10 Downing Street.

We designed the entire experience from the inside out...

Tradition v progress…
nothing changes

Education always has been and will always be a battle between the traditionalists and the progressives.

However, the digital escalation we have all experienced in recent years has ignited this conversation again and seemingly created a polarised position where people fear children will be taught via a screen at home by ai avatar teachers.

We do not believe this is the case at all. Children learn better from one another, and they need to socialise. Also, parents need to go to work.

The school will evolve, not replaced with technology, but integrated with it. Therefore, the discussion should not be about devices but the strengths and weaknesses of the physical and digital realms.

Ai will release
educators time

AI will develop into an assistant to the teacher, freeing educators to provide the personalised teaching children need. We need children to be inquisitive, collaborative, resilient, and social. This independent mindset requires an environment designed to support it, and AI will provide it.

An environment that supports independence has revolutionised the Workplace, and it is now needed in education.

To hold the debate regarding how schools should evolve, we have created a blueprint for school 4.0.

An enjoyable experience

If the independent learning model is accepted, AI can be the mentor for a substantial proportion of the time in school. We estimate that 50% of the school population would require areas to concentrate or collaborate in at any time. Therefore we have created a school where “Break out space or learning commons form almost 50% of the internal spaces. We have then divided these into areas of “the likeminded” so children choose to work in areas with a similar mindset to their preferences.

It is a simple plan to create a school design as an enjoyable experience where children might want to go rather than an institution where they have to.

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