Our partners

Kampus is a network organisation in which discipline leads are supported by an array of education experts we have worked with previously.

Many of these individuals run successful businesses of their own that are formally affiliated with us. They include Headmasters, Academics, Operators, Consultants and Manufacturers.


Designing schools from the inside out is a vision and unique approach shared with all affiliated businesses and one they commit to being aligned with.

Architecture for Education

Studio Hoodless

Our aim is to nurture solutions to global problems in a bid to make sustainable places for everyone. Through the creation of mixed use and education buildings we focus on environmental design innovation and social equity. Studio Hoodless is a multi-faceted architecture and research by design practise.


Education Environment Design

Space Zero

Space Zero are specialists in the design of environments for education.
We have designed more than 800 education projects worldwide over the last 15 years. We employ 40 specialist education designers, strategists, technicians and managers. The team have specified over 13 million items. We have worked across all the Welsh, English and Scottish school frameworks.
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