Love of the book

This groundbreaking school rejects the standard “Corridors and classrooms” approach preparing children for the world of work, where collaboration, sociability and responsibility are essential qualities.

The idea is wonderfully simple.
Keep circulation open and respectful.
Place all the teaching spaces adjacent to a breakout space for collaborative study.
Then place all the collaborative spaces around the heart space of an inspirational library to encourage the “love of the book.”

This school is not only an inspiring experience but highly innovative in terms of school design.

Christopher Nicholls
Wellington College Bangkok

Workplace design theory
as educational experience

This design creates a constant open circulation so children learn to be respectful and control noise – just like work. Removing all circulation from enclosed staircases also eradicated the most common area of bullying.

This project is a remarkable evolution in the design of a school. The groundbreaking project sees the rebirth of the library as the epicentre of academic experience.

The library is surrounded by “activity-based working” principles that introduce modern-day workplace design theory into this educational experience.

The 10,000m2 building was entirely designed internally first.

From receiving only the volume of the building’s planning limits and a brief, we developed the campus strategy, access strategy, educational concept, flow, structure, and design – we then collaborated with a local Architect of Record to build the project.

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