personal learning

Although technology is important, it was personal learning connections that drove the Apple distinguished school’s flexible design.

Simplicity for Flexibility

Within a simple structural grid, environments maximise the potential for the various and changing needs of learners and teachers.

Fluid learner-centred environments

Places for education are not closed, but bespoke furniture with acoustic panelling are used to create places of a size required to meet the specific learners needs at that time of the school day.

Proactive Community Responses

The school has been designed for people with human interaction at its core while also embodying the characteristics of its smart city host by ensuring that its services and spaces are fully integrated with the wider environment. A space for parents to meet and co-work has been provided around the entry space that fuses the externally facing sports and performing arts facilities.


Nexus International School (Singapore)
Client: Taylors Education Group
Size: 50,000 m² (approx)
Skills: Masterplan, Architecture, Interior and Landscape
Status: Complete

Designed by Harry Hoodless in collaboration with Broadway Malyan

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